GAIN Power Virtual Career Fairs: Info for Employers

The GAIN Power Virtual Career Fair connects you with our community of progressive political professionals. The online format provides an easy, effective way to discover qualified talent who are looking to advance their careers. If you value what this diverse community brings to the workforce, then this is an event you’ll want to attend! This is a unique opportunity to easily recruit members of our community in a virtual setting.


You’ll receive a fully-customized employer booth, complete with your logo, images, open positions, videos, and more so you can make your career opportunities stand out.

During the live event, you will receive recruiter seats. Recruiters will connect directly with job seekers in one-on-one chats to discuss career opportunities and determine if the candidate could be a good match for any openings. Text, audio, and video chats are available. All job seekers will be part of a diverse pool of progressive political professionals.


Once you register for a booth you will be sent a confirm email within one business day. The email gives you details on customizing your booth, assigning representatives, preparing for the event, and using the Brazen platform. You will also be invited to join our Slack channel for career fair employers. 

Series Link on GAIN Power Site

March 28, 2024: 12pm-3pm EST

GAIN Power Event Link

Jobseeker Registration

April 25, 2024: 12pm-3pm EST

GAIN Power Event Link

Jobseeker Registration

May 23, 2024: 12pm-3pm EST

GAIN Power Event Link

Jobseeker Registration

June 28, 2024: 12pm-3pm EST

GAIN Power Event link

Jobseeker Registration

July 25th, 2024: 12pm-3pm EST

GAIN Power Event link

Jobseeker Registration

Tips for Setup and Live Event

If your organization does not have the capacity to staff your booth for the full event, please ensure you add your employment opportunities and the appropriate links to the booth. Attendees can “drop off” notes to your booth, which will be sent to the booth owner’s email. If you are staffing your booth for part of the event you can schedule meetings ahead of time, as well as add your staffing schedule in the booth description. 

The default time to speak with a jobseeker in a booth is 10 minutes, you will have the ability to end a conversation early or extend the time on an individual basis. 

Because we often have a high number of jobseekers compared to employers, you can streamline the process by preparing “snippets” of text with information you want to send to jobseekers about your organization/in response to common questions/etc. 

Testimonials from our Virtual Career Fairs

From Our Employers 

  • Provided an opportunity to educate others on our organization who may otherwise not have heard about us. 
  • I loved the amazing connections I made, the participants were so fun and positive to speak with. 
  • This was an amazing platform! That talent of the job seekers was incredible.

From Our Jobseekers

  • I was able to meet with multiple organizations within a short span of time in the comfort of my own home.
  • I love seeing the organizations… it feels like a good community space… Immaculate.
  • I had lower anxiety and more time to prepare with company-specific questions in this format compared to an in-person event.

Employer Registration – for all upcoming Virtual Career Fairs

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