Talent in Transition Resources

The post-election period can be stressful if you are coming off of a campaign. After you shut down your offices (or your home office?), clean up the remaining lit and pick up yard signs, and hopefully celebrate, it’ll be time for you to figure out immediate next steps. Here are a few recommendations, and stay tuned to learn more about GAIN POWER post-election programming:

  1. Apply for unemployment benefits. You are entitled to this support if you are unemployed. Please check your state unemployment website for particulars on your qualifications.
  2. Set up your healthcare and be healthy. Being laid-off is a qualifying event that will allow you to apply for healthcare on your state’s exchange. Also, if you haven’t recently, make sure to get your annual physical, and any dentist or other medical appointments done while its slow.
  3. Set up your short-term budget. If you don’t already, use a budgeting app (we love Mint.com) to determine how much you are spending a month, and calculate your runway before going into debt. This will help you establish a timeline on how quickly (and how selective) you can be in determining your next steps.
  4. Network. Make sure to get your colleagues’ contact information and Zoom or socially distant meet them afterward. And reach out to other contacts to see what their plans are and connect. You never know where your next job will be. Post your stories on our news feed and join GAIN Power groups.
  5. Post your resume on GAIN Power. You never know when an employer will see it and reach out.
  6. Check out our list of career resources.

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