Jobs That Are Left

Jobs That Are Left (JTAL) is our popular google group for the Democratic and Progressive community.  

To help improve the quality of the group and service the users, we have some posting rules. We understand that it is sometimes strategically important to mask who is hiring and who is posting some jobs. Still, it is essential that we know the relationship the person posting has with the job – be that as an employee, consultant, or recruiter. Moving forward, if a JTAL post does NOT disclose the name of the person posting and the organization hiring, we will withhold it until this is clarified. We require full names, contact phone numbers, and organization website to verify the legitimacy of the post. We also require a salary or pay range.

You can email this information to us at [email protected]. After receiving this information, we will approve the post.  To post on JTAL you must email:  To post on JTAL you must email: [email protected] 

We have a more robust job board in the GAIN POWER career center and encourage all who share jobs on JTAL to post on our GAIN POWER career center. Our career center job board has a much broader reach than JTAL. We show them throughout our site, email jobs them to our users, and they syndicate beyond to an extensive network of other job boards and search sites, including Google for Jobs. We also promote some of our jobs on GAIN POWER social sites, including Twitter, FB, and Linkedin. Our career center also is a more organized way for job seekers to search, filter, and review jobs, including by geographic area and experience level, in an open and accessible way.

Anyone who is hiring staff or freelancers for Democratic Campaigns, Progressive Advocacy & Electoral Nonprofits, or Political consulting firms may post their job or gigs on JTAL. We also encourage training opportunities for our community and other relevant events conferences. 

Jobs That Are Left posting rules: 

  • For convenience, please include the job title, organization name, and approximate location in the subject line of every posting. We also strongly recommend posting a salary range so you get applicants and inquiries who you can afford.
  • Make sure to include a link or email address about where to apply in the body of the posting. The email address from which you are posting may appear hidden for various job seekers in the group, and we will reject responses that accidentally include the rest of the group.
  • Please limit yourself to one posting per job you have to fill. JTAL is already an active listserv, and this helps avoid flooding our subscribers with information they’ve already seen. Positions do not expire on JTAL so anyone can share the permanent URL. You may repost but please wait at least one week. Also, if you have the same job for multiple areas, please consolidate the posting to one post while mentioning different regions.
  • No attachments, please! Instead, paste or write out the job details in the body of your post.
  • All Internships and fellowships must pay or offer a stipend. We reject any unpaid internship or volunteer posts.
  • All posts must have salary or pay range.
  • We screen blind posting. We require full names, contact phone numbers, and organization websites. You can email this information to us at [email protected]

Jobs or other posts that do not comply with our rules will not be approved. If you have questions about JTAL, please email: [email protected] 

History: JTAL launched just after the 2002 election by Courtney Sieloff as just a group of friends sharing job posts. In 2008 Courtney turned it into a google group and handed it off to Democratic GAIN in 2013. In April 2020, GAIN POWER took over managing this group.

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