What are the Powerful IDEA Awards?

The Powerful IDEA (Impact on Democracy, Elections, Advocacy) Awards are GAIN POWER’s new progressive political communications & leadership awards. The Powerful IDEA Awards are designed to recognize the most impactful people, organizations, technology, communications, and other resources that power progressive politics, advocacy, and our democracy. We will honor bold, brave, creative, impactful leaders, campaigns, and advocacy organizations. Awards will go to powerful people, campaigns,  technology,  communications, and organizations that had a significant impact. We aim to elevate and shine a spotlight on the people and programs that powered progressive politics, fight to save our country through running for office, advocacy campaigns, elections, civic engagement, participatory events, and public communications.

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Recognizing transformational talent. The people who do the work to impact our democracy, elections and advocacy. These include the candidates, campaign and organizational staff, and dedicated artists, and activists.


Creative communication or pieces of content using video, print, digital, audio, other other media for the purposes of communicating with members, voters, donors, activists, or other niche audiences.

Transformative Technology

Recognizing the technology built to organize, mobilize, fundraise and communicate with members, voters, donors, or activists.


Thousands of organizations from nonprofit educational and advocacy campaigns, party committees, political action committees, and social impact companies are dedicated to protecting our democracy, running electoral and legislative issue campaigns, voter education, and of course electing leaders who share our values. These awards will recognized the most inspirational and impactful ones.


Critical programs events are run by formal and informal, organized and organic collectives and coalitions, single individuals and organizations. These awards will recognized the most powerful and impactful ones this past year.

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