2022 Powerful IDEA Awards Ceremony

On June 8th, we honored the winners of the innaugural Powerful IDEA Awards. Watch the ceremony and learn more about our winners or take a look at some of our photos below.

The 2022 Powerful IDEA Awardees

GAIN Power Award Awardees

“I’m extremely excited to receive this Lifetime Achievement Award from the prestigious Powerful IDEA Awards Committee. It is both a true honor and an humbling experience to be celebrated along with my fellow honorees. I hope to always continue making a positive impact as I take with me a sense of pride and thankfulness for this recognition”
“I am honored to receive the Living Legend Award at the Inaugural Powerful IDEA Awards, alongside my friend Lottie Shackelford. Many of those being recognized tonight are doing essential work, fighting for our Democratic ideas and values each and every day. We all need to stay focused on what is at stake in the upcoming elections and double down on our commitment to this critical work around the country”

Community Judged Awardees

What are the Powerful IDEA Awards?

The Powerful IDEA (Impact on Democracy, Elections, Advocacy) Awards are GAIN POWER’s new progressive political communications & leadership awards. The Powerful IDEA Awards are designed to recognize the most impactful people, organizations, technology, communications, and other resources that power progressive politics, advocacy, and our democracy. We will honor bold, brave, creative, impactful leaders, campaigns, and advocacy organizations. Awards will go to powerful people, campaigns,  technology,  communications, and organizations that had a significant impact. We aim to elevate and shine a spotlight on the people and programs that powered progressive politics, fight to save our country through running for office, advocacy campaigns, elections, civic engagement, participatory events, and public communications.

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