GAIN POWER is a networking and marking platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating individuals, and organizations who power democracy, elections, advocacy campaigns, and government.

Our mission is to diversify, demystify, and democratize democracy work and elevate the organizations and leaders who work to improve it. Many who seek power and control have made our politics and the government toxic and demonized. GAIN Power offers a positive perspective on the great work and leaders dedicated to bettering our country. 

We build community programs for creative change-makers, progressive professionals, Democratic candidates, campaigns & consultants, ideologically left advocacy nonprofits, socially conscious businesses, Democracy activists, advocates, artists, influencers, donors and investors, disrupters, resisters & persisters.

We offer career, networking, and marketing opportunities and events. We’re building directories, a marketplace of ideas and services, professional development activities, intelligence, curated content, and stories about the people, campaigns, and organizations working to promote and protect our democracy and advocate for progressive policies.

GAIN POWER is a resource center and virtual meeting place for Democratic and Progressive leaders, talent, and campaigns looking for professional opportunities to engage in politics. We organize community award programs to celebrate and elevate the powerful work impacting democracy, elections, and advocacy.

GAIN POWER is open to all Democratic & Progressive Professionals. We are especially intentional in promoting Women, African Americans, Latinx, Native Americans, APIA, LGBTQI, and any underrepresented people who make up a majority of our electorate. We seek to promote diversity in our community of consultants, campaigns, and nonprofit organizations and to be part of making them more inclusive, intersectional, nonbinary, and representative. We seek all members’ ideas, opportunities, and collaboration in this effort.

  • Career Center: for Campaign & Advocacy Jobs, Gigs, and other professional opportunities.
    •  Directories of Companies, consultants, technologies, products, and services for Democratic & Progressive Campaigns.
    •  Progressive NonProfits, PACs, and other Advocacy Organizations
    •  Democratic Campaigns
    •  Ballot Measures
  •  Membership-based professional networking community for Democratic and Progressive Professionals.
  •  Powerful IDEA Awards
  •  Professional Development Events
  •  Storytelling about impactful leaders.