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GAIN POWER & AP Campaigns

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Progressive Political Consultant


GAIN POWER founder. Progressive Impact consultant & entrepreneur.


I am is a progressive Democratic voter contact consultant and social entrepreneur. My work focuses on impact strategy and communications for Democratic candidates, parties, advocacy campaigns, ballot measures, and nonprofit organizations. Specializing in print, direct mail, and digital voter communications.

I have worked in the Democratic and Progressive movement in the US for over thirty years – and internationally in Democracy & Governance for more than twenty. Amy has served as a staff, consultant, and leader inside the Democratic party, top progressive advocacy organizations, and for hundreds of candidate and ballot measure campaigns.

I’ve also launched several businesses and organizations including three unique organizations with the word GAIN in it – this platform GAIN POWER, our predecessor Democratic GAIN, and Global GAIN, nonprofit connecting women in politics with women in the world interested in running for office or having an impact in advocacy. Even I confuse the names sometimes. I also helped launch the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center and served as its first Executive Director.  I’ve been a principal/partner at some of the top mail firms Mission Control and Deliver Strategy and now work primarily on my own through my firm AP Campaigns while partnering with others as needed. I love creating communications for candidates and causes I’m passionate about.




I’ve worked for decades fighting for progressive issues: women’s rights, the environment,  promoting democracy, advancing voting rights,  gun control, promoting union jobs, pass health care reform, LGBTQ+ rights, and more.

I’ve been on teams and helping to elect strong progressive current leaders like Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Governor Jared Polis.

The things I’m most proud of are training thousands of activists and campaign workers and helping many more find meaningful work in progressive politics through GAIN.

I love democracy-building internationally as much as I do domestically and have worked with political leaders and activists in over twenty countries. Currently, I’m developing a program to train young women in Rwanda look for careers in politics and advocacy.


My passion and life mission are to help progressive leaders and organizations have a greater impact on their work and to advance a values-based policy. I believe the best way to do this is to elect more people of color and women and increase the number of them in public leadership positions. We need o diversifying the leadership of every progressive organization and company so that our work, our communications reflect the people they represent.

GAIN Power is very much part of this mission and vision.

I also love helping campaigns – candidate, issue, advocacy develop communications to win. I’ve spent more than twenty years focused on paid voter contact – most especial direct mail and I still love this work.

I believe the answers to most of our political problems will be found when women hold a majority of offices and leadership positions in government decision-making roles – so my passions are training young women to be political leaders, teaching leaders to run for office, and helping to elect them.

We need to disrupt, demystify, diversify, and truly democratize our party and movements. This platform is a big part of how I want to do that. Too many decisions are made by too few people who care more about holding onto power than building for people and communities that need it.

These two ideas frame all the work I do in the US and in the world. My daily mission is to go to bed every night knowing I’ve lived my values and worked to implement them that day.

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