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All eyes are on Georgia for good reason. With two Senate runoffs coming up and control of the Senate at stake Democrats and Progressives from all over the country will be money, people and all sorts of resources into the Peach Tree State. There are many ways for you to get involved.

From Muthoni Wambu Kraal, DNC Political Director: “The path to victory does not stop with the White House. Our attention must now turn to taking back the Senate. The two runoffs in the state of GeorgIa are our chance to make that happen. Georgia has shown us that there is a path, we just have to be relentless in the pursuit. I know that folks have lots of questions about how to help in Georgia.”  

The DSCC will play a pivotal role in Democrats’ GOTV programs in Georgia and they need your help to maximize their efforts. The top needs as shared by their Political Director, Jessica Knight Henry are the following:


Another critical way to make a contribution is to make a contribution. 


Please share widely with all of your networks:


We believe in doing whatever Stacey Abrams says and these are her directions from Fair Fight


Greenfly is an app the Biden/Harris Campaign uses to help share images, video, and other resources for social media sharing. Contribute to the positive narrative that we all win when we count all the votes.


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