So You Want to Work in the Biden Administration

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Working in a Presidential Administration can be the honor of a lifetime. It is an opportunity to help implement those amazing policies that you helped to promote, to serve the American people, and to shape and direct Departments and Agencies. 

No doubt within the coming weeks and months there will be opportunities to submit your resume to the Biden-Harris Administration. We’ve put together a few resources you should familiarize yourself with to determine if working in government is for you and where you might be interested in plugging in.  

And while we know that an Administration post may be highly coveted, we also know that there are likely tens of thousands of people who are interested in serving and only around 4,000 positions available* – so we urge you to keep your mind open to the many other opportunities that will arise to serve and support this Administration in other ways. 

  • Is government service right for you? The Center for Presidential Transition has a handy list of things to consider. This site is chalk full of great information if you are considering applying for a political appointment.
  • The Plum Book is a snapshot in time of political positions in any given Administration, including the position, type of appointment, and pay scale. Be on the lookout for an updated book in early December. This will give you a sense of the types of positions available at each Department and Agency, and a general pay range – but understand that pay and rate for new appointees could differ from previous Administrations. 
  • Check out the pay scales associated with the positions in the Plum Book, The Office of Personnel Management maintains the General Schedule (GS) pay scale information.
  • Be prepared to fill out A LOT of paperwork. This includes financial disclosure, and background check to get your security clearance – which means filling out the SF86.

We are all so excited to see what the Biden-Harris Administration will do and we hope this quick guide helps you to begin your search for the perfect Administration position for you!

*Source: Partnership for Public Service Center for Presidential Transition


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