Reflections on our first year.

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It is hard to believe a year has passed since we went live on April 15th, 2020. It is impossible to reflect on our work without reflecting on why we do what we do and the more significant events that have transpired since we launched our new site and services.

We launched GAIN POWER just as we were beginning to understand what a pandemic means, and clearly, we were unprepared. Of course, COVID was far from our only challenge. 2020 further exposed other pandemics: the deeply ingrained systemic racism in our society, the economic injustices across the country, white supremacy in every sector, and more hate crimes and terror inflicted upon Black, Brown, Indigenous, APIA, Latino, and other underrepresented communities. So much a result of poor leadership and governance. The trauma caused by anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-Trans, anti-Muslim, and gender-based violence is horrifying daily and yet so deeply ingrained in our society. The attacks on our democracy by the very people elected to protect it in a desperate effort to hold onto their shrinking power was so outrageous and yet not at all surprising. Many days, the news and the reality of life are too hard to bear. Still, it reminds us why our work, dedicated to promoting Democrats, democracy, and a progressive agenda, is essential. GAIN POWER is a platform dedicated to building progressive power for candidates, campaigns, causes, and the creative talent and consultants working for them. We’re here to access power and break down barriers for those seeking and needing political power. We aim to disrupt, diversity, demystify, and democratize democracy work, our Democratic party, and the community of professional companies that work to support it.

It is hard to believe a year has passed since we went live on April 15th, 2020. It is impossible to reflect on our work without reflecting on why we do what we do and the more significant events that have transpired since we launched our new site and services.

We are thankful to be part of a beautiful and extraordinary community of people who fight every day for good and against the evildoers. We launched GAIN POWER to connect, celebrate, elevate, and strengthen the incredible community of people and organizations fighting daily for our democracy. 

Our mission at GAIN POWER is to help our members create a more just, equal, and reflective democracy, especially for all those who have been for far too long marginalized. Our members fight for health care for all, climate change, reparations, ending gun violence, gender equality, increased wages, job opportunities, voter protection, and voting expansion, to name a few of the policy fights. GAIN POWER is a community of creative changemakers, candidates, consultants, and cause leaders all fight for good and this country’s soul. Our core mission is to help fuel Democrats candidates, progressives causes, and democracy champions by linking marketing them to the best talent, organizers, and consultants and networking us all together. GAIN Power’s programs: the career center, career fairs, salons, training events, groups, forums, directories, member networks, and more fill a unique space in our ecosystem. We bring candidates, partisan activists, issue advocates, consultants, and other resistance movement leaders together. Though motivated by trauma, bad policy, and poor and even evil leadership, their activism and advocacy bring so much hope for all of us. We do want our first birthday week to be a reason for celebration, joy, hope, and a belief that better days are ahead. Our newly elected President and Madame Vice President, young leaders like Amanda Gorman, and the new generation of organizers who have not stopped organizing since election day inspire us daily and give us a reason for that hope and joy.

It is hard not to feel broken and worn down with so many awful things happening daily. Daunte Wright should be alive today. George Floyd should be alive today. Breonna Taylor should be alive today. The list of others whose names we should say is sadly too long for this post. We couldn’t write a celebratory or self-congratulatory message without acknowledging this moment. #BlackLivesMatter #StopAsianHate #FamiliesBelong TogetherEach of these represent so much more than a hashtag – they represent movements we value and exist to promote and support. We’re honored to do this work and hope we can also have folks have fun and joy. We’d love to hear from you if you’ve used GAIN POWER, Jobs That Are Left, RootsCamp, or other events we’ve organized and found what we do helpful. Your feedback, ideas, and testimonials are essential. We’d love to hear if you’ve used any one of our services and if we helped your professional journey or organization grow. We are surveying members to learn more about how we can better support professional growth, and your responses are so appreciated. If you are so inclined and have found work or talent because of one of our events or platforms, we’d be honored if you contributed to helping us grow. Donate to GAIN POWER & Jobs That Are Left. Thank you for being part of our fantastic community.

Amy Pritchard, Founder.

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