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Honoring Tyrone Gayle and saying goodbye to Democratic GAIN. Farewell 2020.

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2020 was not the year any of us expected, and we are glad to see it over. Speaking of over, this is one of the last emails we’ll be sending out from Democratic GAIN. We have been working on closing Democratic GAIN for a year and converting over to a new platform, GAIN POWER. Shutting down this 17-year-old organization is complicated, but we are close.One of our final acts is distributing our remaining assets to a Tyrone Gayle memorial fund. Tyrone Gayle was a political strategist and communicator who served as a spokesperson for Senators Tim Kaine, Kamala Harris, and Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, who tragically lost a battle with colon cancer at age 30 in 2018. Rodell Mollineau, who was Chairman of Democratic GAIN for several years and one of its final board members, suggested contributing to the legacy of Tyrone Gayle. Tyrone represented precisely the kind of people Democratic GAIN formed to support through professional development.To honor his memory and continue his legacy, his wife, family, and friends set up a scholarship fund at his alma mater Clemson University to support internships for students who want to work in politics. Tyrone’s wife, Beth Foster Gayle, is now working on setting up a c-3 to help students at other schools engage in this work. Our contribution will go to this effort. If this speaks to you we encourage you to contribute to this GoFund Me Page. You can learn much more about Tyrone’s life and the Clemson students who form his living legacy at GayleNation.com. Finally, if you want to be even more impressed, go to #GayleNation on Twitter and check out some of the tributes to his extraordinary life.
The following is a more personal note from Rodell Mollineau:
As some of you may know, my wife and I welcomed our first child, a boy, into the world on Dec 21st. Over the past few months, I’ve thought long and hard about what kind of parent I wanted to be and what values I hoped to instill in him. I want him to be passionate about whatever path he decides to pursue. I want him to brighten others ‘ lives and think of others before thinking of himself – always to be there to lend a helping hand.In short, I’d like him to grow up like my friend Tyrone Gayle. Many of you knew Tyrone as a gifted communicator, a mentor, and a friend. We all know him as someone who was taken from us too early by cancer.Tyrone and I shared many things, but one that we both felt strongly about is providing opportunities for young people of color to work and advance in public service. Even as Tyrone himself was trying to establish a career, he never forgot to advocate for others.It should be no surprise that a part of his legacy was establishing the Tyrone Gale Scholars program, which supports students from underrepresented communities. Students chosen receive a $3,500 stipend to pursue a summer internship in a political field. This could be on a campaign on Capitol Hill, an advocacy organization, or other government sectors. In addition to the stipend, students match with a number of different mentors who will guide the students through the often-insular political world, help them make the most of their internships, and help them build their network. Today GAIN Power is proud to announce a $7,500 contribution to this program, and my wife, son, and I are equally proud to provide a matching gift. – Rodell Mollineau, ROKK Solutions
Click here to donate to the Tyrone Gale Scholars program
I launched Democratic GAIN almost 18 years ago now, and it has been a massive part of my life since then, so it is bittersweet to say goodbye to it but I’m honored to wrap it up by supporting more young people like Tyrone Gayle. I’m also excited about what we are building in GAIN POWER with the foundation of Democratic GAIN. I appreciate you being part of this community and hope that you join GAIN POWER and become part of our community there if you have not already. For now, however you celebrate the end of this year, we hope you are safe and healthy, and the transition to 2021 brings more hope and light and a better future for us all.

Amy Pritchard
Founder, Democratic GAIN
Founder, GAIN Power


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