Black Lives Matter

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#BlackLivesMatter. Period. 

Leading with #BlackLivesMatter is critical at this moment. No one with any soul has been able to breathe correctly since George Floyd was murdered for the world to see.  Over the past weeks, the world has watched overdue and appropriate outrage.  We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters demanding #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd #JusticeforAmaudArbery #JusticeforBreonnaTaylor and justice for all those who came before them who did not receive adequate justice at all. 

The dual pandemic of racism and COVID-19 is crippling America today.  Racism is a pandemic that has infected every institution and aspect of this country for too long without attention.  Even the pandemic is racist. COVID-19 is disproportionally killing and hurting the health and economic wellness of African- Americans and other communities of color.

The raw rage that has made some turn frustration and anger into destructive and violent activities is a by-product of too many ignoring the systemic racism and not serving justice. The last time we saw an uprising like this – was in the 1960s. Martin Luther King famously said in 1967 then “a riot is the language of the unheard” while consistently advocating for nonviolent solutions. Just last week, Trevor Noah said, “Police in America are looting black bodies.”  He eloquently described the dominos that fell over the past weeks. Emmanuel Acho eloquently describes this on his FB page in his new: Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man, Part 1. We just hope the looting and rioting do not detract from these underlying problems that need to be addressed and resolved. Peaceful solutions are the best way forward but change can’t wait. 

The administration showed that just this week showed a willingness to use aggressive force and violence against peaceful protestors in our capitol. They encouraging our governors to do the same in the states and are trying to invoke the Insurrection Act to engage the US Military against American citizens. These are the actions of authoritarian regime, not a democratic leader. 

These times require intentional actions to rid ourselves, our communities, and society of the systemic racism, pure white supremacy, dominant white culture, that has allowed us to reside among us and fester. It allowed these murders to happen and has done so much more damage.

GAIN POWER will lift up the work of those doing electoral and legislative organizing to change leaders and legislators who do not share these values. We hope these spaces will be a place to exchange ideas, programs, events, and all opportunities to be impactful now, through our elections and beyond. 

GAIN POWER seeks to partner, amplify Black voices, political, civic and spiritual leaders, activists, organizers, consultants,  nonprofits, and programs at this moment and in the coming months. We are open to all suggestions. We can be a vehicle for any use for others. 

GAIN POWER users are diverse communities of progressive organizers, activists, communicators, and change-makers. Never has there been a more important moment to come together and put to use our collective experiences, skills and passions to lead our country to a better place. We are focused like a laser beam on the November elections but know there are many important events and activities before and beyond needed to bring us to the peaceful, just, and joyous world most of us want to live in together. We won’t rest until we get there. 

#BlackLivesMatter, #Justiceprotests2020, #protests2020 , #VoteOutHate, #Election2020 

GAIN POWER’s platform will be a tool for organizing, mobilizing, and amplify the important people and organizations leading the protests, campaigns, and other political actions. 

Here are a few resources courtesy of Color of Change, Netroots Nation, and Sujata Tejwani.

National Black Organizations

Minnesota Black Organizations

Anti-Racism Resources

This list comes largely from Sujata Tejwani‘s Anti-Racism, Racial Justice Resources. Sujata would like to acknowledge that it’s reflective of the work of many amazing black and brown led organizations and individuals who’ve been compiling resources for a long time.

Additional Anti-Racist resources:

Building an Organization that is Anti-Racist (From NOBL Collective)

Donate to community based bail funds on ACTBLUE

This is a dynamic list in progress. If there are other organizations or resources who want to be add please email


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