Powerful IDEA Awards Judges & GAIN Power Advisors

Thank you for your interest in GAIN POWER and our new program, the Powerful IDEA Awards. If you found your way to this page, you were invited or recommended by someone who thought you would be a valuable advisor to our platform and programs. GAIN Power is actively building a team of the savviest, most thoughtful, impactful people in progressive politics, and we think you are one of them. We are actively recruiting a group of progressive thought leaders to help build this platform and represent our community of progressive political leaders. We want community advisors for our awards, events, and other programs. We want your ideas and feedback on ours. We need people committed to expanding, diversifying, improving, and growing talent in progressive politics.

Your leadership is an important credential. We’re looking for influential changemakers to support our mission and vision. We hope to have as much of your engagement as you want, but equally mindful that you are busy and don’t have time to add much more to your plate.
Please fill out the type form and let us know if and how you can participate. The question are set up to provide your detailed contact information and if and how much you can participate. This is a link if the form doesn’t open.