The Great Resignation and employee happiness in the progressive movement

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The Great Resignation, employee happiness, retention, turnover – these are all terms we are very familiar with right now. AND it feels IMPOSSIBLE TO HIRE on top of it! As employers, these are all things we are hearing about, experiencing, and trying to figure out. We’ve asked Lincoln Park Strategies and Trendency Research President and Founder, Stefan Hankin, to join us to talk about their unique research into the American workforce. According to their research, we are “in the middle of a massive disruption of the American workforce and our data shows that we are nowhere near the end of the changes.”

What do you need to know as an employer, what are your employees looking for, and what is the best way to attract top-quality talent right now? Is the progressive political space immune to this upheaval in any way?

Watch this informative webinar on how to attract and retain talent in the progressive space.


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