Got questions on GAIN Power? Please check out some frequently asked questions or submit your issue using the form below.

How much does GAIN Power cost?

GAIN Power’s community platform is free to all individuals. For organizations that use GAIN Power, there are options to upgrade their organization listing, make their listing more prominent within the site, promote their organization to community members, and to pay for listings on our career center. But membership is free. For more information about products and services, click here.

Should I create an account with my organization’s name or me personally?

Accounts should be created with you individually, and you will have access to create a listing for your organization. As of now, if you upgrade the listing to have a lead generation form, it will go to the email associated with your personal account.

My organization is listed but I should have control of the listing.

If the organization is listed but is not associated with an account, it will have a link to claim the listing. This will be flagged with a GAIN Power administrator who will verify you belong to the organization and approve your claim. If you do not see a link to claim a listing, it means its already associated with another account. If you believe this is an error, please contact us below and we’ll investigate.

Can I create groups, message individuals, or post to forums?

If you can do it, it’s allowed and encouraged. GAIN Power reserves the right to moderate user activity, but will generally only be involved if a group goes against our values

I’m a Republican. Can I be part of GAIN Power?


But what if I’m a Republican with a lot of money?

Still no. We’ll take your money though but still not allow you on the site.

I work with both Democrats and Republicans and provide political services to both sides. Can I still be listed?

If you provide a product or services to trade or advocacy groups that have to work with both sides, like a bi-partisan PAC or advocacy group who occasionally has a supportive Republican, then that’s fine as long as your work mostly with Democrat or progressive organizations. If you are providing strategic help to Republicans, please reconsider your life decisions.

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