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Nikki Lu Lowe

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Political Voiceover



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Nikki Lu Lowe Voiceover

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Political Voice Actor


Political Voiceover To Help Win The Blue Vote


Helping candidates and organizations reach their target voters and move them towards the vote is my passion.  I call it “Marching Behind The Mic”.   Winning both Reed and Pollie awards, I work with the clients to understand the goal of the spot and craft a voiceover style that will resonate with the listener and move them to act.

With an onsite broadcast ready studio and live direct options, the fast turn around that our political industry needs is always met with the quality voiceover and professionalism you expect.


Yes, I believe I’ve made an impact as my clients come back to me again and again.  Political Agencies come to me when the need a voice that will carry their message through to the voters, resonate with them and motivate them.  You can see many samples of my work at – including those winning Pollies and Reed awards.


I want to support as many Blues as possible to keep our country moving towards the best version of itself.  Educating the voters before elections is my passion and helping those who dedicate themselves in getting the messages out there is my honor.

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Nikki Lu Lowe Political Voiceover


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