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Director of Civic Engagement


Proud Chicano working to protect this planet.


I truly got involved in progressive politics in 2015 when I participated in the caucus system and then my name was on a list, and I got a call asking if I wanted to be a democratic elector in the State of Colorado. This led me to be a national democratic delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2016 DNC National Convention. Then during my name as an elector, I co-founded a movement called the Hamilton Electors, which sought to prevent the Donald Trump Presidency by putting our country over our party. In 2018 I worked as a community organizer for Colorado Working Families Party for the primaries, where we were a part of helping 7/10 of our endorsed candidates win their elections. In August 2018 I decided to become a Government teacher because of the lack of long-term job stability in community organizing. I taught until mid-2021, when I transitioned to California, where I worked for six months as a housing policy analyst for the City of San Jose. At the City of San Jose, I built the City Hall Eviction Help Center and created training, and led a staff of 12 to complete over 400 rental applications for covid rent relief.


I have spent most of my time in the volunteer recruitment space but I am seeking advisory, writing, or analytical roles.


I created a nationwide discussion on the role of the electors in the electoral college. My decisions as an elector in 2016 led to a Supreme Court Case heard by 8 justices in a live audio presentation in May of 2020.

As an organizer, I helped 7/10 of our candidates win their races through a culmination of text, phone, email, and door-knocking campaigns.



My aspirations are to continue to try and make an impact. I now have a 6 month that currently goes to work with me so I will either need to be paid adequately enough to cover daycare or realize he works with me at home or in the office but I would prefer remotely for the time being. Long term I dream of being a chief of staff for an elected official and I know the path is winding to get there so I am open to a number of different opportunities. I have very much a jack of all trades and I can bring thoughtful leadership and the ability to thrive under pressure. I can do a host of administrative tasks but I am also well equipped to help write and provide strategic advice.  Above all else I am a problem solver. I like to solve problems and present solutions and I do this with my creative thought process. I am passionate about climate change and I feel compelled to do all I can to help in that field so I would be willing to be apart of any team.


I am a unique person with a unique history and story. I have a lot to bring to the table but I just want to make the sure table I am bringing my talents to is one that is truly making a difference in the lives of the people of my community.