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The King Agency

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Associate Creative Director


Co-founder/Creative Director Civic Power of Change


In 2017 I started what is now Civic Power of Change with the belief that down-ballot progressive candidates need a leg up to stand out and should have the most passionate and talented creative people working for their grassroots campaigns to make that happen. We connect professionals with design, writing and many other marketing and creative skill sets to self-funded candidates running for “smaller” races like school board, city council and state legislature. 



Through Civic Power of Change I’ve built a core leadership team that manages a roster of more than 320 creative volunteers. Those volunteers have helped more than 200 candidates in 40 states with a 62% win rate. Their work supports a new crop of public servants that have broken through with voters, made our communities more representative and freshened up political advertising and its effectiveness.


I would love to find a full-time, long-term role in the climate space, or for a gun violence prevention group.