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Highly passionate and opinionated political advocate with a love for the NYT's mini crossword


I got into progressive politics my first year in a four year college, I was a community college transfer in the UC system. In high school and in community college,  I was unaware of the political opportunities that were available for me to pursue at the time, but simultaneously was more focused on a financial driven path. In my first year of college I joined a Democratic club, which introduced me into an array of different progressive politics. I joined numerous progressive local campaigns in the General election of 2022, our team helped increase voter turnout by a margin of 14% in the Santa Barbara area during voter registration, and saw a sweep of progressive victories in the County. After my time on campaigns, my team and I went to form two organizations at our university, Students Demand Action and a Labor Caucus, both of these organizations have grown to have over thirty members, with each organization participating and pressuring University administration to take action on issues regarding gun control and workers rights. Recently the labor caucasus who has been aiding and supporting dining workers at UCSB to form their own union have seen a great success, forming the Student Dining Labor Union – UAW in 2023. 



My impact in progressive politics has been characterized by my leverage of  modern organizing techniques.  In the course of that campaign work, the year 2022 presented experience for me, which further streamlined my approach to organizing through enhanced leverage of data and social media in amplifying our messages towards young people and mobilizing student supporters more effectively. One of the key techniques I introduced was a digital canvassing strategy that involved a wide scale social media outreach to students along with traditional door-to-door canvassing, which significantly grew our influence and increased our ability to engage with supporters. Beyond my campaign work, mentioned before I played a foundational role in the creation of Students Demand Action and Labor Caucus. In which both groups have seen establishing measures and also become influential voices on campus.



For the 2024 cycle, my aspirations within the progressive movement are guided by a commitment to further impact and expand my scope of advocacy. My primary objective is to leverage my experience in organizing to support progressive candidates and initiatives that involve economic justice, immigration reform, and the promotion of democracy, to name a few. Specifically I plan to focus on enhancing digital engagement and data to tailor messaging and outreach efforts for support or fundraising efforts more effectively. 

Beyond this cycle my aspirations extend to shaping progressive agenda on a national level, whether that be serving in a public office myself or contributing to the development of comprehensive policy solutions that address the root causes of economic injustice, immigration injustice, and democratic backsliding. My goal is to occupy a leadership position within a progressive organization or campaign where I can influence policy discussions and promote progressive ideals. 

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U.S. House of Representatives



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October 10, 2022


Santa Barbara Democratic Party


Field Director

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October 13, 2022

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November 15, 2023



University of California, Santa Barbara


Political Science

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June 12, 2024