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Elaine F. Almquist is the founder and principal of Almquist & Associates, working with progressive candidates and organizations to build political power, win office, and nurture long-term movements. Elaine believes that with courage, persistence, and a solid infrastructure, a participatory and democratic political system that sustains, empowers, and uplifts people is possible.

Elaine has spent over two decades on the ground in campaigns and organizations leading communities to flex their political muscle for progressive victories.

Elaine is also a professional trainer, sharing her expertise at the National Democratic Training Committee, as well as Emerge Massachusetts and Mass Alliance. She has lived in Germany, Colombia, and Greater Boston. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Boston.


I started my political journey as an intern working on environmental justice legislation in the Massachusetts State House. I traveled to Iowa ahead of the caucuses for the 2004 presidential campaign, and took part in historic organizing for marriage equality in my home state, working for the only openly gay State Senator at that time.

Over the years I’ve worked on races as a volunteer, staff, and consultant, contributing to strategic planning, messaging, field, operations, and fundraising.

Now I specialize in assisting progressive candidates who are women, people of color, or people from other underrepresented backgrounds to run for office.


I’m looking to expand my network across the country and grow the impact of my work to co-create successful progressive policy-making.