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Healthcare access was the issue that motivated me to get involved in politics. When I was 10, I watched as my town’s hospital closed down, leaving the residents no easy way to receive necessary medical care. I only got more engaged as I grew older and realized how poorly the US’s healthcare stacked up against other countries, and that we had no excuse for abandoning people and burdening them with poor care. It was during these studies that I knew I wanted to work to elect progressives who would better society.

I cut my teeth working as a Field Organizer for the Virginia Coordinated Campaign in 2014. Since then, I’ve ran a national recruiting operation for a progressive firm, worked in outreach for a Minnesota conservation nonprofit, and Managed the Outreach team for a progressive voter outreach organization.


In 2014, the statewide candidate won by 18,000 total votes. In my turf, there was in increase of 20,000+/- raw votes from the previous year’s (2013) gubernatorial election. I’d like to think that the work of myself and my few co-organizers were the difference-makers on this race.

In 2021, I took the lead on an outreach project to help with outreach to communities to help with access to the COVID-19 vaccine.


I want to see progressives consolidate our victories and enact progressive policies. There are issues far too pressing for inaction.

After those policies are enacted, it’s back to organizing in 2022.