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2021 A Year In Review

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What a year! 2021 was full of uncharted territory for everyone, and as a new organization it was even more so for us. Our team at GAIN Power appreciated being on this journey with all of you. This was our first full calendar year and we are honored by the number of organizations and people who have joined our community and used our platform to GAIN Power. 2022 will bring more growth and progress for our organization and for Democratic and Progressive politics as a whole. In the final days of this year, we’d like to take a moment to share some of the things we did together:

Here are just a few examples of our 2021 activities and programs:

  • We organized 4 Virtual Career Fairs, including our June Representative Careers. Our most recent Powering Blue in 2022 career fair is foundational in ensuring that we are equipped with effective Democratic and Progressive talent during 2022 midterm elections.
  • Our career center hosted over 3,300 jobs from over a thousand Progressive/Democratic employers.
  • Interactions and engagement with our job postings increased this year by 341%!
  • We hosted the inaugural Powering Blue, 3 action-packed days of a virtual professional networking event series, conference, expo, and career fair to help organize electoral and advocacy campaigns win in 2022. (If you want to check out the panels, you can still access them here).
  • We hosted dozens of webinars on a broad range of professional topics about working in progressive politics, featuring a diverse array of speakers, including series about Black Consultants, female founders, and live informational interviews to showcase some of the employers and jobs in our career center.
  • We launched a formal GAIN Power membership program which you can sign up for here if you haven’t already.

Here at GAIN Power, we’re excited to keep growing as an organization and to continue fostering connection and camaraderie in our space in 2022. We hope that you will support and collaborate with us in the coming future to power 2022 blue. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday.


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