Virtual Career Fair FAQs

How do I join booths?

Explore the event lobby for booths you are interested in and click “Enter” to view their content. Click the green “CHAT” button to be connected.

What are the different types of booths?

Most of the booths at our Virtual Career Fairs are run by employers/organizations looking to connect with jobseekers (text, video, and audio chat available). To join these, click the green “CHAT” button, and you will be connected one-on-one when a representative is available.

Our Open Networking booth will pair you up with another event attendee to connect one-on-one. This booth allows you to choose between text, video, and audio chat. 

The GAIN Power booth is a Group Video booth with support and general questions about the event and GAIN Power. You can also meet with other event attendees here in a group setting.

How can I prepare for the event as an attendee?

We recommend using a desktop/laptop and only keeping the Brazen event platform tab open while you attend our Virtual Career Fair. Please visit Brazen Service Check and to ensure your device will work with the platform. If you wish to participate with audio/video at the event, you can run a pre-call test here.

You can learn more from Brazen’s Event Attendee Guide.

Feel free to take a look at the booths as we add them to the lobby prior to the start of the event.

The booth I want to visit has no representatives or a long line.

Please feel free to visit the booth and view its content, follow the links, and//or leave a drop-off note if you do not get a chance to speak with a representative. If multiple booths you want to visit have lines, you can join multiple lines at the same time while you browse the lobby and booth content.

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