Representative Careers Opportunity Programs


Groups on GAIN POWER are similar to FB groups but exclusive for people who work in Democratic & Progressive politics. Groups can before networks based on identity, skill, geography, alumni, and more. We host several specifically for underrepresented constituencies to communicate and network with each.


GAIN POWER has many ways to market Democratic & Progressive organizations who want to diversify your team by promoting your organization through our events, platform, and to our membership and followers.

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We are seeking financial and collaborative partners as sponsors to engage in a variety of ways in our programs and activities. Click here for our sponsorship options, or email us at with any questions on how to become a sponsor.

GAIN POWER is on a mission to diversify, demystify, and democratize our progressive institutions and the consultant/vendors that support them. Together we must build a more representative and reflective democracy.

Under-representation of the constituencies who vote for our candidates and who they represent continually plagues progressive organizations and companies that are not exclusively dedicated to diverse communities and equity.

We hear daily from employers that they want more diverse applicants for every job opening – yet most have no idea what to do except to declare a desire for, and commitment to, diversity as if that will manifest the talent. Frankly, we’re guilty too. White participants heavily dominate our events and activities. This is why we are launching new programs and events dedicated to changing this paradigm – both for GAIN POWER and the community of organizations that come to us to find talent, consultants, and organizations to research.

GAIN Power’s Representative Careers programs address this by creating space, events, and activities to recruit, organize, and elevate talent identified as Black/African American, Latino/x or Hispanic, Indigenous/Native, Asian/Pacific Islander, Arab, and other people of color. We are also committed to organizing LGBTQ+, disability, and women-centered community events and activities to create space to network, educate, and more.

We certainly are not alone in this work. Many organizations within the progressive community work to address these problems with their dedicated recruitment, placement and training programs. We seek to partner, compliment, and promote other organizations’ work too as part of this initiative. Our goal is never to replicate or reinvent what others are doing except when new additional programs expand reach and impact. There is more work to be done than any one organization can accomplish. We believe we are most effective in collaboration. To that end, we are reaching out to allied organizations to partner and help recruit talent, sponsor to promote your commitment to this program, your own work, and career opportunities, and employers looking to hire.

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