Powerful IDEA Career Fair

As part of the awards and party programming, GAIN Power will be hosting both an in-person and virtual career fair, designed to help match talent to jobs in the progressive movement – be that campaigns, non-profits, consulting firms, or national party committees. We are working on recruiting job seekers to attend and assisting them to come to DC. 

More details and a link to register (as both an employer and job seeker) are coming soon, along with more information about location and participating organizations and firms. If you are interested, please sign up here so we can follow up with you.

In the meantime – here are the details you need to know to start planning:

Event Info

GAIN Power Career Fair and Expo (In-person)

June 9th, 11am – 4pm ET Washington, DC (exact location coming soon) Limited availability due to space

GAIN Power Virtual Career Fair (Virtual)

June 16th, 12pm – 3pm ET Online. Job seekers can register for free here.


Costs for Employers:

Early Bird – April 1- May 20, 2022
In-person Career Fair: $1000
Virtual Career Fair: $500
Both: $1250

Regular – May 21 – June 1, 2022
In-person Career Fair: $1500
Virtual Career Fair: $1000
Both: $1750

Costs for Job Seekers:

In-person Career Fair: $20
Virtual Career Fair: Free
Fee Waivers available upon request