Matt Morrison

Hidden Figure Awardee

The Hidden Figure Award is presented to an individual who works tirelessly behind the scenes, often doing what others will not, the granular work that slowly but surely creates meaningful change in the long term. While this person rarely gets recognition, accolades, or honors, it is their effort that ultimately fortifies the strength of our democracy.

We are awarding this to Matt Morrison, Executive Director of Working America this year.

Matt Morrison is the executive director of Working America, a three-million-member labor organization that mobilizes working people who don’t have the benefit of a union at their jobs. 

A little about Matt:

  • He is a leading political practitioner with experience in over 500 elections throughout his career.
  • In his earlier role as Working America’s political director, Morrison refined the organization’s field and member communications programs through clinical testing and advanced analytics – driving more strategic decisions and setting a standard for the entire movement. 
  • Under his direction, Working America combines innovative integration of traditional field organizing with analytics to increase targeting accuracy and voter turnout for candidates who support a fair economy for working-class Americans.

Matt is a prime example of someone who works to build a stronger progressive movement without favor or reward. We are so thrilled to present the Hidden Figure Award to him and recognize his great contribution to the movement.