Justin Myers

Truth to Power Award

The Truth to Power Award recognizes those who have stood their ground to make significant progressive change in the face of institutional resistance. It recognizes an individual who stands up to the powerful forces that block progress, fights to change the power structure in our movement, and works to change the balance of power so that communities long underrepresented are better represented.

This year we are presenting the Truth to Power award to Justin Myers! 

Justin Myers is the Executive Director of Blue Leadership Collaborative (BLC). He has led the group’s effort to develop and implement the organization’s highly competitive State Manager Program, which recruits and supports diverse managers on state legislative campaigns nationwide. BLC will help Democrats maintain and gain majorities and also build a talent pipeline that will benefit Democratic campaigns throughout the country. 

Justin is committed to building the bench of the next generation of diverse and talented campaign managers and creating more equity across the Democratic Party’s leadership.

Justin is building the next generation of campaign and legislative management; by finding and training these leaders to work at every level of government he is building the future of the progressive movement that is not defined by who their parents know, but rather, by what they want to change. 

We are honored to spotlight Justin’s work and present this award for his deserving work.