Chris Melody Fields

Transforming Democracy Awardee

The Powerful Idea Transforming Democracy Award is presented to a leader who has expanded access to, worked to provide influence for the general public, and has strengthened democracy overall. This leader is strategic but knows that the most important aspect of making real change is at its base and works to give that base access to the levers of change.  The recipient of this award believes in democratic values and does everything they can to institute programs, legislation, or policy that will give people more access and opportunities to engage with our government or system. 

This year, we award this to Chris Melody Fields Figureedo, Executive Director, BISC.

Chris has spent her career building access for citizens to legislative change through her work at a number or organizations. She has devoted her career to social justice and ensuring our democracy works for “We the People.” 

As a queer woman of color who came to the United States at an early age with her working-class parents, she leads from her lived experience and desire to build an equitable and just world. In addition to her work at BISC, whe has worked to ensure every citizen has access to the ballot and that those ballots are providing opportunities for real change.

  • Lead organizer for all strategic campaigns at the Lawyers’ Committee and Co-Leader of the Election Protection program.
  • Managed and coordinated Fair Elections Now Coalition’s legislative, outreach, communication and field strategy to pass the Fair Elections Now Act.
  • Led coalition building outreach efforts toward different constituency groups including environment, business, faith, minority and labor leaders and organizations. 

We are honored to present the Transforming Democracy Award to Chris Melody Fields Figureedo.