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Join the ultimate progressive network, where you can learn about and connect with progressive individuals, organizations and campaigns.
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Do you have a progressive organization or campaign? Create a listing on Gain Power to spread the word about the work you’re doing, find new supporters and GAIN POWER!



GAIN Power is a new platform for progressive change makers to connect, build relationships and learn about ways we can create change together.


Whether you’re a campaign, organization, non profit or simply looking to make a difference, GAIN Power allows you to List your organization or create a group, allowing new members to find you and join your movement!

Build Relationships

Connect with industry professionals and thought leaders while learning about career opportunities and different ways to make an impact.

Ways to Get Involved

Become a member
Becoming a member of GAIN Power allows you to connect directly with fellow change makers and progressive organizations. (And don’t worry, it’s free!) 

Create your Listing
Campaigns, companies and nonprofits can List their organizations in our directory, allowing fellow change makers to easily find you, learn more about your mission and join your movement!

Connect with the Community
Our progressive social network allows you to keep in touch with fellow change makers, update the community on your activities, drive people to events (online and offline), and more!

Create or Join a Group
In order to create change we must organize! GAIN Power groups are a great way to start your own community of changemakers who can work together toward a common goal.