Latinx Spotlight Series: Bianca Gutierrez

GAIN Power is excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Latinx Spotlight Series. We have already featured a few different organizations and firms over on our social media channels, and we are excited to amplify Latinx professionals, their work, and stories.

Today, our highlight is on Bianca Gutierrez (she/her/hers), the Head of People and Culture at Rising Tide Interactive.

Can you give us a brief background and introduction about yourself?

BG: I currently work as the Head of People and Culture at Rising Tide Interactive, which is a democratic digital marketing agency. I have been in DC a long time; I went to undergrad at George Washington University, starting in 2008. During my time at GW, I got really involved in community service. I was in a community service sorority, as well as various internships with DC-based nonprofits. That led me into working in the nonprofit/political space.

I have been at RTI for a year and a half, starting during COVID. In this job, I work across the company to make sure that everyone is able to work well together in our different departments. This is to make sure that we are doing the best work we can for our clients, who are typically Democratic candidates and progressive nonprofits.

Prior to this, I was the Deputy Operations Director at Giffords, the gun violence prevention nonprofit. I really got to see the organization grow and develop over my years there into what it is today. This was my first role in the more political space. Before that, I was at Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition, a local based 501(c)(3) that provides direct legal services to immigrants in immigration detention in the DC area. Going from a very local nonprofit to a national organization was a big adjustment for me and I wanted to branch out into the private sector, which was why RTI was perfect for me because it’s the best of both.

What was the reason that you made that shift from the local nonprofit into the big political sphere?

BG: I just wanted to get as much experience in different fields and not limit myself to just one background. For me, I find that that was really important for my career goals and definitely still is.

Why did you choose this line of work?

BG: I just wanted to get as much experience in different fields and not limit myself to just one background. For me, I find that that was really important for my career goals and definitely still is.

During undergrad and up until a couple of years ago, I always also worked part-time in DC at different bars and restaurants. So I have that customer service background and that’s really important to me, and I feel like a lot of that relates to the work that I am doing in my HR role.

What has been the best part/best memory of your career so far?

BG: Something really special that I was able to do while I was at Giffords was helping to host a presidential forum on gun safety in the lead up to the 2020 election with March For Our Lives. We hosted all the presidential candidates at the time for this forum about gun violence in America and how they were going to address it if elected. I was able to help behind the scenes and got to meet all of our electeds and it was an incredible experience to see them all come together.

What had you wished you had known about getting involved in politics as a Latina?

BG: For myself, the reason I am in politics is because of my grandmother. I am Puerto Rican and my grandmother came to New York as a young woman and growing up she always made sure to impress upon us how important our vote is and to vote in federal elections. Part of that is because Puerto Ricans don’t have the right, so my grandmother is a staunch Democrat and really just made the importance of voting and being involved in local and national elections really important.

It’s really important to have representation, as a Latina, in this space and remembering that my perspective and my voice deserves to be heard.

What advice do you have for young Latinxs looking to get into politics?

BG: My advice would be to get involved and make as many connections as you can. Networking is super important and is key; you never know when a connection is going to come in handy. I also like to make sure that I am a resource to folks as well. I do a lot of help with whatever skill set I have and can give to others and give to your community in the same ways you are receiving from it.

Lastly, just for fun,  what’s your favorite Latin American food dish?

BG: The thing that my grandma and my mom make is arroz y gandules. Every time I go to visit my grandma, she always makes sure to make it on my first night visiting.


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