KAMALA! We’ve got her back

At GAIN POWER we are unequivocally thrilled and invigorated by the selection of Senator Kamala Harris as Biden’s running mate. Meanwhile, the Trump machine and his online trolls are out in force to destroy her. The onslaught of online misogyny will be epic.

We were excited about webinar designed to talk how to combat misinformation and misogyny online. As women leaders in the Progressive movement – we all have a role to play to make sure we support her and make sure we help our clients, organizations, colleagues, peers, and family support her.

An extraordinary group of women’s leadership organizations led by UltraViolet, She the People, EMILY’s List, NARAL and others have been collaborating, developing tools and resources to push back against the expected onslaught of sexism, racism, and disinformation we expect about Kamala specifically and other women candidates.
GAIN POWER Founder Amy Pritchard moderated a panel of speakers that included:

Aimee Allison, She the People

Amanda Brown, Supermajority

Jotaka Eady, Full Circle Strategies and Win With Black Women

Kristina Wilfore, Disinformation Project, Democracy Alliance.

They will join us together to talk about how we have Kamala’s back through November.

We invite you to learn more about their work so that you can use it on your own. We need an army to flood the online channels starting this week and not letting up through election day – and beyond.

First a huge thank you to our panelists, Aimee Allison, She the People; Amanda Brown, Supermajority; Jotaka Eady, Full Circle Strategies and Win With Black Women; and Kristina Wilfore.

As promised, we are including the long list of resources, links, and handles that were referenced on the webinar. We will also be putting them on the GAIN POWER forum 2020 Presidential Campaign Hub. We hope that you will not only utilize these, but add others that you find so we can build a comprehensive list of places to access the best information, memes, and shareable content.  



We Have Her Back letter

Ultraviolet Guide

She Persisted Report

Stop Hate For Profit

Win With Black Women

Barbara Lee Family Foundation

Democratic Women’s Caucus, Speaker Pelosi Send Letter to Facebook Demanding it Stop the Spread of Gendered Disinformation and Misogynistic Attacks Against Women Leaders










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