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Updated March 1, 2021: 

  • Jobs That Are Left is GAIN POWER’s popular google group primarily used to share job opportunities in the Democratic and progressive community. We also use it to share events, announcements, and more we think may be germane to our community of users. The current list has over 41,000 progressive activists on it.
  • GAIN POWER requires all employers who want to share jobs with Jobs That Are Left (JTAL) listserv to first post them in GAIN Power’s Career Center
  • A single job post starts at $99.00 and there are packages and upgrades available from there. Full pricing options are available here. *
  • All jobs posted to the career center will also be posted in the JTAL google group. You will not need to post twice. If you prefer to share your job directly with JTAL after it is in the career center, we can work with you to approve it.
  • You will still have the option of posting your details publicly or shielding as a blind or anonymous employer. 
  • You can receive applicants directly via email, any applicant processing service you use for your organization, or you can use our career center as an applicant tracking system as well. 
  • Please note that the same posting rules continue to apply. We require all jobs to be paid and salary or pay range to be listed and transparent. Violators of this policy will be flagged and removed. 
  • Added for clarity: we are not ending JTAL google group – we’re working to make our services complement rather than compete with one another.
  • Free and affordable posting options are still available. (see the middle of this page)
  • We are holding an open office hour each week. You can always email

The career center job board has a broader distribution than JTAL. When we combine our google listserv with the career center we’ll be increasing the value of both services. Career Center jobs are shown throughout our site, emailed and they syndicate beyond to an extensive network of other job boards and search sites, including Google for Jobs. We also promote some of our jobs on GAIN POWER social sites, including Twitter, FB, and Linkedin. Our career center also is a more organized way for job seekers to search, filter, and review jobs, including by geographic area and experience level, in an open and accessible way.

We hope you will continue to share your jobs with us and we want to make it a more valuable service for you. GAIN Power is rolling out new programs, events, and an App over the next few weeks. To better synch up our programs, we are working to better merge Jobs That Are Left with our other programs, site, and app.  The GAIN Power App will be for both Apple and Android devices which will predominantly feature posts in our career center. Google groups DO NOT integrate with anything.

To help with this transition, for your first post, you can use the discount code JTALNEW, for $99 off your first job post. If you get a standard job post, it will be free, and upgraded job posts will be discounted. If you have never used our career center before, you must first create your account or login. You can then fill out your job post, select any options on your post, then use your code to check out. Note, this code can only be used once on your account.

Please note, this is not a change we made lightly. We are very committed to making GAIN POWER an affordable and accessible site for all those who want to use it. We are even more committed to making progressive politics more open, transparent, and inviting for BIPOC, women, and other under-served communities. We hope this change makes it a better site not just a more expensive one. We have made a free option for small campaigns and organizations and firms who are not able to afford it so there are no barriers to posting (see the middle of this page). You can also email us and we can work with you to lower the fee too if you want to pay but a lower amount. Posting your jobs to the job board helps diversity our movement by making opportunities more accessible and transparent for all not just members of the google group. We don’t want anyone NOT to post because of this fee however we need to charge for some of our services to provide them.

Learn more about Jobs That Are Left’s Founder – one of our first GAIN POWER blog posts.

It is worth noting that the career center has a separate login and even company list than our primary site – GAIN POWER because we use a different platform for the two. We may merge these in the future but not in the near future. To that end, you must set up a unique account on the career center platform.

This is what GAIN POWER (as a sample company) looks like as an employer in our career center.

This is what GAIN POWER looks like in our political pages directory. 

Please add your listing to GAIN POWER’s Political Pages

If you haven’t already done so – we hope you will list your company on GAINPOWER too.

  1. Register at If you haven’t already you must first create a personal account. Then you can build your personal profile. Think of this as your personal profile on Facebook or Linkedin. Profiles and Pages are user-generated and controlled. Individual profiles are always free.
  2. Add Your organization page to our listings. Listing pages are for candidate campaigns, ballot measure campaigns, local, state, and national Democratic party committees, progressive nonprofits, political consulting firms, freelancers, and other Progressive community resources. We have free, basic, and premium pages. The difference is in how they function and how they are presented. You can also promote your pages throughout the site. We’re making our consultant/freelancer directory searchable to especially highlight and diversify women and people of color-owned firms. 

If you have questions about JTAL, please email: 


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