Getting To Know You: Progressive Talent Pipeline

This week, GAIN Power’s Lyric Swinton got the opportunity to chat with Becca Watts, the Director of Progressive Talent Pipeline, about the amazing things that the organization has been up to.

The Progressive Talent Pipeline identifies exceptional people who have deep commitments to economic, social, racial, and environmental justice who would like to make change by serving as government staffers.

They identify, endorse, train, and recommend candidates for roles in Congress and the executive branch. Their vision is to bring new perspectives, expertise, and energy into government in order to “build the bench” of progressive staff talent and advance progressive priorities.

One of the major things that Becca and Lyric discussed is that Progressive Talent Pipeline has opened a 2nd application deadline for consideration for their 2022/2023 cohort, specifically with campaign staffers in mind. The new deadline is Sunday, November 20, 2022, and Progressives interested in Congressional and executive branch staffer roles are encouraged to apply!

Tune in on Mondays at 4pm to see more of the GAIN Power x BWNC: Live Informational Interview series hosted by GAIN Power’s Lyric Swinton and streamed via GAIN Power & Black With No Chaser‘s Facebook pages, GAIN Power’s LinkedIn, and GAIN Power’s Youtube page.

Check out the full conversation below and be sure to visit Progressive Talent Pipeline’s page on our site!


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