Amplify Power direct mail samples
Amplify Power Direct Mail Samples
Getting Started

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Note: This is a copy of a recently shared post on Amplify Power about our launch late last year. Amplify Power is not related to GAIN Power except through me. I’m sharing this here for a few reasons:

  1. GAIN Power exists to be a marketing platform for progressive organizations and companies.
  2. We want to inspire others to be entrepreneurial and start new firms or organizations.
  3. Few spaces exist to talk about these experiences or to learn from one another. If you are reading this and have a similar story you want to share – we’d love to post it here on GAIN Power too!

Launching Amplify Power

Starting a political communications firm is not for the faint of heart. An incredible amount of work goes into getting ready to launch. From legal, administrative, branding, communications & tech tools, vendor relationships, and more – so much is needed to get established. A strong political network & diverse support community, marketing confidence, and the ability to bring in good clients are important. Passion, grit, confidence in collaborators and a strong belief in the power to create change are required. Most importantly, you need to be able to provide excellent service and products.

Reflecting on our midterms, we are thankful we had all this and more. We are even more grateful to those who believed in our team and had confidence in our capacity. We launched, by any standard, very late in the cycle – only going public in August 2022. Despite this, inspirational organizations and campaigns believed in our capacity and hired our team. We worked on the issues and candidates we are passionate about and even helped bring in a few critical wins.

We worked for unions and workers’ rights, respect, and opportunity. We helped support abortion rights, gun safety, criminal justice, climate, and economic equity. We worked on federal, state, and municipal campaigns and initiatives. We created mail for Senate, Congressional, legislative and municipal candidates, unions, independent expenditures, and member programs in 29 states – all in just three months.

Our client’s communications included:


Amplify Power is a new, culturally competent boutique communications company. While just beginning as a company, our team has decades of experience across the country. Our journeys led us to know the Democratic & Progressive ecosystem has few firms intentionally formed to center womxn and diverse voices. Most established political consulting firms have dominant white cultures and owners – occasionally bringing in diverse partners in name but few with equity. We formed to feature more diverse voices.

We focus on amplifying powerful and authentic stories to impact democracy, elections, and advocacy – and bring about social, political, and economic change. We are wholly owned by women and people of color, rooted together in a belief that lived life experience is as essential for our creative work as our professional experience and progressive values. A fire fuels us to right wrongs, and paraphrasing one of our sheroes Ayanna Pressley, build power for the people closest to pain rather than for the wealthy and well-connected.

Keep us in mind and reach out if you need campaign planning, design, print, mail, or digital voter contact for electoral or advocacy campaigns. We’d love to work with you if you are a progressive organization focused on our democracy, elections, advocacy, or public education. We’re just getting started and can’t wait to Amplify more Power.


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