Directory FAQ

What are GAIN Power’s directories?

Directories on GAIN Power’s are a place to list and promote the pages of any candidate, campaign, company, product or service, nonprofit, or another resource. Much like on LinkedIn or Facebook but only for the Democratic & Progressive community.

Where “Network” on GAIN POWER is for individual profiles – pages are for organizations or resources. So an individual candidate may want to have a personal profile but also a page for their campaign in our directory.

What should be in the directories?

We want all organizations types that work for Democrats and progressive causes. Any candidate or ballot campaigns, progressive nonprofit advocacy, and/or electoral organizations are welcome to have a page. If you have a political consulting firm, are individual freelancers, a technology company, or any a and mission-driven product or service provider we encourage you to add your page to one of our directories. We also have a resources directory which a bit of a catch-all for pages that are not an independent organization but our users may find of use such as a book, podcast, training or other job board site. Directory pages are anything you want to promote to the community of people who work in or care about our movement.

So if you are a progressive union where you have 1-2 political staffers, you should be in. If you are an organization that primarily helps local communities with services, but also registers voters, you should be in. If you sell political services to Democrats or progressive causes (and not Republicans), you should be in.

Do I have to pay to be have a page?

We have three options: free, basic (paid), and premium (paid) pages. A simple page is free. More features and functions are available with paid upgraded options. For examples for organizations and campaigns – you can have a donate link on the page and search listing too. Check out our pricing plans for more details. Additional premium features are in development.

Can I promote my page?

Yes! There are options to promote your page to users of GAIN Power. Click here to check out our promoted options. Currently, you can pay to have your listing show up at the top of searches, on the sides of our pages on be featured on the home page. We have special promotions and sponsorships available for our social pages, emails, and more as well.

How does this relate to the career center and job postings?

At this time, our career center exists in a separate portion of our site. We are developing integrations that will be rolled out over time but for now, please consider them as stand-alone platforms and features.