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To Democratic GAIN Community:

Before sharing this announcement, I want to say I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during these unprecedented, difficult times. While the front-line work of protecting the health and safety of our friends and family is most essential, our collective mission — protecting our democracy, electing leaders that reflect our values, and promoting progressive policies has never been more important.

We planned a significant organizational change before this COVID-19 began its attacks to present a new expansive platform for the community of people who are part of Democratic GAIN. To face these new times we restructured and rebranded this association that has been successful for 16 years and are launching with a new name, a new legal entity, and a refocused mission and purpose — helping those who share our vision to GAIN POWER.

Democratic GAIN is fully merged into a new organization called GAIN POWER.

Clearly we did not plan this transition to be during a pandemic but the need for this new platform is even greater now. We are a virtual meeting place while no one can meet in person. GAIN POWER will be an incredible organizing tool for Democratic candidates, campaigns, progressive nonprofit issues and member organizations, firms, and freelancers in 2020 and far beyond. 

Sign up today at

It’s been 16 years since we first launched Democratic GAIN. Since then, we trained over 20,000 and helped 40,000 more find jobs while helping thousands of employers find skilled talent. We’ve run dozens of career fairs and hosted or co-sponsored hundreds of professional development events and activities.

We did this with the help of hundreds of board members, trainers, coaches, employers, funders, individuals dedicated to being mentors, and more. Far too many to name so we aren’t going to try here. Some of the most high-profile people in Democratic politics today got their professional start at a Democratic GAIN training event or career fair. People trained by Democratic GAIN are now experts in their field; paying it forward by working for and leading as the next generation of candidates, staff, and consultants.

For many reasons, it is time to change our model and broaden our focus. Many individuals and organizations that use Democratic GAIN are progressive but not partisan. By restructuring and relaunching, we will provide a better network and community for Democrats and progressive causes.

GAIN POWER is a hub & virtual coworking space for the Democratic & Progressive professional community — like a Progressive Linkedin with a slightly different twist. Our new portal has:

  • Career Center: A place to post jobs, for talent to find jobs, gigs, and other professional development advice, and special events like our inaugural virtual career fair you just participated in. For those of you who use Democratic GAIN ‘s career center to post jobs, your account is there as it was before, but it just looks a little different.
  • Networking: Individual profiles, one to one connections, private and open groups, and forums to exchange advice and ideas.
  • Directories: Pages for Democratic Campaigns, Progressive Nonprofits, Firms and Freelancers, and others looking to market programs, products, and services. With lead generation, ratings, and reviews!
  • Powerful: Our storytelling blog that celebrates the entrepreneurial, founders, leaders, creators, organizers who work to GAIN POWER through advocacy and elections.

Here are a couple of key things you should know:

  • We will be taking the Democratic GAIN website offline later this week. We do not want people signing up or profiles to exist where people cannot change them.
  • If you had an active paid membership, we will be following up with you with more information in a separate email.
  • We will not be porting over Democratic GAIN SocialLink and membership accounts to GAIN POWER. Due to privacy concerns and many technical differences between the two systems, we are starting GAIN Power “fresh” without the profiles we had at Democratic GAIN’s SocialLink but highly encourage you to set up an account on GAIN Power.
  • We may still email you over the next few months as GAIN POWER expands, but to get all the updates regarding GAIN Power, you will need to sign up with an account at You can even just sign up with a Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn account in two clicks!
  • Accounts, resumes, job alerts, and job credits/subscriptions in the Democratic GAIN career center have been carried over to the GAIN Power career center. The career center is the same program as before but now operates under GAIN POWER. GAIN POWER will honor any career center purchases done under Democratic GAIN.
  • We are closing Democratic GAIN’s virtual training center. GAIN POWER will be exploring ways to help with training over the next months.

We hope you join GAIN POWER today!

Amy Pritchard

Founder, Democratic GAIN

PS. If you have any particular questions not covered under this, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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