Democratic GAIN

On December 31st, 2019, GAIN Power, LLC took control of the assets of Democratic GAIN. GAIN Power will continue the mission of Democratic GAIN. Here are some commonly questions to this transition, but if you have any others, please email us at

What has transfered from Democratic GAIN to GAIN Power?

Democratic GAIN’s social media properties and career center has transferred to GAIN Power. Democratic GAIN’s SocialLink, the learning center, and user profiles are no longer operating, though GAIN Power’s new platform will be taking over many of these features. GAIN Power has pre-loaded organization listings that were active Democratic GAIN organizations in calendar year 2019 but will need to be claimed by users creating new accounts. GAIN Power will occasionally email Democratic GAIN’s former email list, but did not load any information onto its public platform. We encourage people to sign up for a GAIN Power account and claim listings of organizations along with adding their own.

What happens to job credits and/or subscriptions on the career center?

GAIN Power took over Democratic GAIN’s career center, so outside of branding and some labels there are no differences than before. If you logged in without a Democratic GAIN membership, it will be the same login. If your account was associated with a Democratic GAIN membership, you may need to reset your password as the system will be using email address instead of username. Please click here to login and reset your password.

What about my membership?

Democratic GAIN will be processing refunds for the remaining amount of memberships purchased in 2019 until March 31st, 2020, minus the value of job posting credits still active in the career center for organization members. After this period, Democratic GAIN will be donating its remaining financial assets to the Tyrone Gale Scholars Program at Clemson University, which will support internships from under-represented communities. To request a refund, please email with your email address associated with your former Democratic GAIN account.