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Beta Theta Pi at the University of Pittsburgh and PolicyKeys

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Recruitment Advisor and Senior Research Fellow


Researcher, Strategist, and Operations Specialist with Experience in Extremism Research, Non-Profits, and Emerging Tech


I’m William and I bring together policymakers, non-profits, established industries, and emerging technologies to address the ethical, social, and economic challenges and opportunities. Recently, I have worked on projects in quantum computing and adjacent technologies. I have co-authored two white papers on quantum technology policy, ethics, and educational investments, providing insights and recommendations for decision-makers and stakeholders.

I have a Master of Arts in Philosophy from George Mason University, where I focused on emerging technology, ethics, and public affairs. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Economics from Wittenberg University, where I received the Remsburg Klive Award in Philosophy and presented my work at a national conference. With my background in philosophy and economics, I have developed critical thinking, problem-solving, and data storytelling skills that enable me to create and communicate effective solutions for complex challenges. I have applied these skills in various roles as a researcher, analyst, content strategist, product developer, and program manager across academia, non-profits, and the private sector. I am driven to ensure that we are making decisions today that create better uses for the emerging technologies of tomorrow.

  • I’m an author/coauthor of 2 whitepapers on Quantum Technology and making education and opportunities in that industry more equitable and ethically-monitored.
  • I’ve been apart of a interdisciplinary team looking at how major world powers are investing and creating infrastructures for AI integration across their societies.
  • I’ve written and presented work on far-right extremism, misogyny, and the feedback loops that create identity.
  • I’ve completed Union Organizer School.
  • I’ve been the Extremism Mitigation lead at a Civic Tech Startup.
  • I’ve conducted and presented market research and SWOT analyses for projects for educational, economic mobility, and public policy projects for multiple tech, non-profit, and economic development organizations.

I want to use my education, skills, and time to make a dent in the impacts of far-right extremism, encourage and support economic empowerment of the working class through progressive economic and labor policies, and be a leader in making this world a more fair, just, and accepting place for all peoples.

Work History


Beta Theta Pi


Recruitment Advisor

Start Date

November 1, 2023




Senior Research Fellow

Start Date

March 15, 2021


Connected DMV


Research Analyst and Program Manager

Start Date

March 15, 2023

End Date

December 19, 2023


George Mason University


Graduate Research Assistant

Start Date

August 1, 2021

End Date

June 15, 2023



George Mason University


MA: Philosophy, Concentration in Ethics, Public Affairs, and Emerging Technologies

Honors and Achievements
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Honoree
  • Presenter at the 29th Annual Kent State Philosophy Graduate Student Conference
  • GPA: 3.8

Wittenberg University


BA: Major in Philosophy, Minor in Economics

Honors and Achievements
  • 4-Year University Honor’s Student
  • GPA: 3.75
  • Pick’N’Pen Junior Honoree
  • Cum Laude
  • Departmental Honors
  • Remsburg Klive Award in Philosophy
    • The Remsberg/Klive Award, established in honor of Robert G. Remsberg, professor of philosophy (1940-1975), and Visvaldis V. Klive, professor of philosophy (1966-1994). This recognition is given to an outstanding senior philosophy major.
  • Speaker and Panelist at the Celebration of Learning
  • Phi Eta Sigma Inductee