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Triumph Strategies

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Finance Associate


Liberal activist, wordsmith and strategist


I had first entered politics as a teenager, raised in a culture that embraced the Tea Party. As partisan platforms have changed and I embraced the liberal worldview, I shifted my focus from working with moderate Republicans to liberal and progressive Democrats. Since this change, I have canvassed with local Democrats and am finishing a contract with current state senator and congressional candidate Heidi Campbell (TN-5).


While most of my political work had been with Republicans growing up, I have had a larger impact working with Democrats in my home state of Tennessee. I contribute columns to local papers, canvass with candidates and develop communications material while fundraising for Heidi Campbell’s campaign. My skill sets that I offer to a future employer include strategic communication tactics, digital strategy and data analysis.


Political communication is my greatest strength, though I cherish the ability to be well-rounded in areas such as field and finance. I took the initiative to learn in other areas like copywriting and data analysis/interpretation. My career goals can be summed as using any combination of those skills for progressive causes.



Middle Tennessee State University


Bachelor of Science in Journalism

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May 7, 2022

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