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Searching for my tribe


Searching for my tribe


New Journey. New Focus. New Determination.

Proactively vetting my next chapter 👁️ that is filled with Passion & Purpose.

Happy Human with an abundance of Moxie 👩 who knows her Tribe is looking for her too!

Here are my top 3 Talents via

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My Top Talent!

Conflict Resolution 🤝

The ability to bring others together to resolve conflicts and reconcile differences.

I am…

➕ Very good at examining issues from multiple viewpoints and analyzing information to find the best solution.

➕ Very capable of identifying effective strategies to resolve conflict and managing difficult interpersonal situations.

➕ Able to stay calm and remain impartial in the midst of conflict.

➕ Excellent at encouraging and building mutual respect, and displaying sensitivity in difficult situations.

➕ Exceptional at being considerate in difficult circumstances and aiming to achieve mutually agreeable solutions.

Communication 💬

The ability to convey ideas effectively and identify messages others are attempting to convey.

I am…

➕ Very capable of knowing the “right thing” to say to people and understanding how people will react.

Strong at speaking clearly, conveying positivity, and being sociable.

➕ Excellent at being courteous, cooperative, and considerate with others.

Teamwork 👥👥👥👥

The ability to work effectively with people and cooperate with others.

I am…

➕ Strong at building positive relationships and contributing to a positive team spirit.

➕ Extraordinary at providing support, committing to team goals, and making others feel appreciated.

➕ Exceptional at developing long-term relationships built on positive interactions.

Guilty Pleasure 💨  Tik-Tok

Influencer Content Creation ❤️

Big fan of Podcasts 🎧 They are creating a better-informed world. Especially for women 😁

3 Children (One Human & Two Dawgs)

PT: Sentinels Defender ISFJ-A / ISFJ-T


Balanced Empath

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

I spread Good Vibes & FuLly bEliEVe tHe fUTUre iS fEMaLe.

{Inclusion, Diversity, Women Empowerment, Human Rights}

“All that truly matters in life is the profoundness of experience & impact of activity” – Sadhguru


Again, Newbie Here

But, in my radio career, I promoted the first African American to a promotions director’s job on an almost 100-year-old conservative home to Rush Limbaugh station.

We then planned a morning show that was broadcasted simultaneously with our local TV Partner. Once that was a go, we added another black male and a young female as co-hosts.

The local NAACP gave our station an award. Very proud moment for this single white mother of a black son. <3


I want to build a new career here and I am willing to do the dirty work to get my foot in the door.

I am coachable.

I have passion.

I’ve never been more excited to join a social site.

I think I found my home. My tribe is here. Open to all connections.