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Movement Labs

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Social Media Organizer and Program Lead


My whole job is to find people who have somehow forgotten that they are powerful, and remind them.


I have worked in politics since my first job as a campaign organizer for Bernie 2020 in SC. Since then, I’ve worked with the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime Harrison, The New Georgia Project, and Movement Labs.

I am a rural-dwelling, remotely-working, digital-platform MacGuyvering organizer, known for eccentric Zoom meeting behavior and a slow-but-steady rotation of the entire spectrum of the rainbow in my hair.

I have a really strong Southern accent and say “y’all” unironically, and I’m a lefty progressive mom.


I have always used social media to leverage my network for volunteer recruitment and to promote Democratic organizing. I am the lead developer now for Movement Labs’ Social Media Team, and am running a Democratic message amplification project. Our volunteers can be found in 30 states, and they are learning over time how to use social media as a place to conduct relational organizing.

Volunteers are learning to support their area and state Democrats by amplifying their messaging online via targeted boost actions, content creation and shares, and directed engagement.


Social Media is the new Postcard and Yard Sign. Messenger replaces phone banking.

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