The George Washington University Washington, DC
      Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Political Science

      GPA: 3.22

      Relevant Coursework includes: Attitudes & Public Opinion, Public Communication, Interpersonal Communication, U.S. Political Parties/Politics, Intro to International Politics


      Campaign Intern June 2020 – November 2020

      Opposition research projects, including examing opponent’s donors; watching and transcribing videos
      Created a proposal of social media posts to boost as ads prior to election day
      Researched and segmented area based on party support using databases, social media, etc
      Researched and updated Mailchimp database of donors and supporters using databases and social media
      Participated and took notes for candidate on calls about mailer strategy, including with vendors
      Drafted social media posts and schedule for postings
      Wrote draft texts for campaign to send low-propensity Democrats and Republicans/Unaffiliated voters

      Jamie Raskin for Congress Silver Spring, MD Democracy Summer Fellow May 2018 – July 2018
      ●  WorkedtowinelectionsinMaryland,Ohio,Pennsylvania,andVirginiabycanvassing,phonebankingto recruit volunteers and donations, working fundraisers, and pollstanding
      ●  RepresentedDemocracySummerandRep.Raskinatfundraisers,interactingwithdonors,activists,and candidates
      ●  Collaboratedwithteamonsettingup,researching,andpreparingatipsheetformeetingonCapitolHillwith Rep. Don Beyer and advocating in support of the “Fair TPS Act” (H.R. 4933)
      ●  Attendedworkshopsledbyorganizersandactivistsonadvocacy,coalitionbuilding,andhowtoinfluence policymakers. Gained insight and skills on how to effectuate change

      Democratic Party of Virginia Washington, DC Canvasser and The GW University Contact/Organizer July 2016 – August 2016

      ● Reachedouttorelevantcampusorganizations(e.g.,ProgressiveStudentUnion,GWRooseveltInstitute, GW Democrats) to recruit additional members for canvassing

      ● Engagedvotersinupcomingelectioninkeylocations(e.g.,TysonsCornerMetroStationandGWCampus)

      United Cerebral Palsy Washington, DC Public Education and Outreach Intern June 2015 – August 2015
      ●  UsedSalesforceresultinginover60entriestohelpmaintainElsieS.BellowsFundtotrackclients
      ●  Workedtoincreaseengagementandcontentonthe“MyLifeWithoutLimits”blog,createdopinionpiece
      ●  ParticipatedinweeklyfacultyandstaffmeetingstoimproveUCPandlivesofpeoplewithdisabilities
      ●  Managedandcontributedwithsocialmedia,email,andotherelectroniccommunication,incollaboration

      with other departments, to promote the cause of UCP
      ●  Communicatedwithmotherofsonwithdisabilitiesandinspiredherthathersoncouldbesuccessfuland

      achieve beyond others’ expectations in collaboration with supervisor


      Volunteer Work: Lobbied Rep. Raskin on behalf of H.R. 1714 (2019), Sanctuary DMV (2019), AAPD REV UP (2019), Tweeted for GW’s DSS, building buzz for the Speakers’ Bureau (2015)
      Technical: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onenote, and Outlook); Apple Pages, Numbers,

      Keynote, and Garageband; Adobe Premiere and Photoshop, Salesforce; Opensecrets and other databases;

      Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Outreach Circle, ThruText, Votebuilder and MiniVAN; Zoom
      Social Media/Blogging: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and WhatsApp; WordPress Interests: DC Statehood, Courts, Healthcare, Immigration, Civil and LGBTQIA+ Rights, and IR