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Lauren Flick is a writer, producer and director who has worked for such notable networks as NBC, CBS, A&E and AMC. Her articles on feminism, environmental causes and social justice are frequently featured on CNBC’s digital platform. Driven by a passion for politics and human rights, she actively creates content for many political organizations and campaigns. She has served on the boards of Women in Media and The Creative Resistance. Currently, she is the Chief Content officer for Friends of the Metro Theater, a proud board member of Women in the Arts & Media Coalition and serves as a contributor to Art Not War. Lauren has shot several short films and her first feature film entitled, Play it By Ear, starred Academy Award Winner©, Rita Moreno. Lauren is now in development on a pilot for a TV series dealing with neurodiversity and autism and penning her next script entitled, Where the Truth Lies. Lauren loves telling a good story, thrives on social activism and can’t resist playing with any dog she meets.


Over the past several years, my dedication to advancing progressive causes has been channeled through a range of impactful projects. In 2016, as part of Filmmakers for Hillary, I contributed as a Writer and Director for digital videos, notably working on “SCOTUS9” and “No Regrets,” featuring the esteemed Dame Helen Mirren. This experience allowed me to harness the power of storytelling to advocate for political change.

In 2017, I continued my commitment by joining The People’s PAC as a Writer and Producer for the digital video “Kavanaugh Lied,” shedding light on critical issues surrounding the Supreme Court nomination. The following year, as a Writer and Producer for The Creative Resistance, I played a pivotal role in crafting “The Blue Tsunami,” contributing to the mobilization efforts during the 2018 midterms.

In 2020, during a pivotal moment in history, I served as the Field Director for the digital video “Yes We Care” with Art Not War and took the helm as Writer and Director for the NYS Mask Contest’s “Respect.” Simultaneously, I collaborated with the NYE County Democrats, creating the digital video “Go With Joe.”

As the political landscape evolved, my commitment extended to crucial battlegrounds, including the 2021 Indivisible Georgia campaign, where I served as a Writer and Director for “Finish the Job Georgia.” Additionally, with Friends of Metro Theater in 2021, I took on the role of Writer and Director for the digital video “Save the Metro.”

Beyond my involvement in campaigns, I’ve been instrumental in empowering women by organizing numerous events. I held a leadership position as the Events Chair for Women in Media and currently serve as a board member for Women in the Arts & Media Coalition. I’m passionate about achieving parity in all industries and recognize the substantial work required to reach that milestone.





My goal is to lead a life that blends my two passions: content creation and politics. I am particularly passionate about issues like Voting Rights, Women’s Rights, and the ongoing struggle for the preservation of a more perfect Democratic Union.



Quinnipiac School of Law



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June 21, 1993


SUNY Albany



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June 21, 1990