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My passion for politics has been as early as a young child, while watching the news with my mom and dad. I had a opportunity to go to Columbia University to persue pre-law but didn’t. Now I get back into school in 2019 due to me losing a job by AtWill Law. Which triggered me to attend the University of Maryland’s Global Campus, studying political science and advancing to get my master degree. I got more involved in politics due to the issue of a section of voting rights being struck down by the Supreme Court, and also the corruption of Donald Trumps presidential administration. I needed to get active since I wasn’t a person to protest with in the streets.

I have worked with many organizations in Columbus, OH. ACLU doing petition sign-ups and canvassing around neighborhoods. Working with former Mayor Mike Coleman Columbus, OH first Black mayor for 16 years. I also worked with FieldWorks LLC contingently for 3 years and I’m currently re-hirable with FieldWorks. Managing voter registration campaigns and grassroot campaigns door knocking projects. I also worked with AtScale, managing petition campaigns and canvassers.


I’ve made a huge impact while working with FieldWorks LLC as a Director/Special forces director. By producing metrics within how canvassers collect voter registration sign ups. I eliminated the time gap by setting my team up for success and coaching them how to collect signatures continuously. I also received acknowledgment for having mass recruiting methods and maximized our employment potential.


I would love to be employed by an agency, organization that would allow me to apply my educational experience and real world employment experience within the political arena. I want to help in every way in management and upper management operations to help successfully get projects off the ground and to impact people.