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Organizing and Academic and Social Action Research


Founder, Grass Movements (Training, Organizing, Research, Consulting, and Felons, Addicts, and Alcoholics Organizing Network (FAAON)


Started as geographic Turf-based Community Organizer in Chicago, then Union Organizing with SEIU and later the IFPTE in Northern California, Grassroots Organizing, State and Federal Policy with National People’s Action (now People’s Action Institute), later with Gamaliel Network, Collaborative and Coalition Building Strategies, as Union Organizing Consultant with Prewitt Organizing Fund, including Worker Organizing, Solidarity, Corporate Accountability, Immigrant Rights, Faith-Based Organizing, Neighborhood Issues, CRA and Bank Reform Organizing, Anti Gentrification Organizing, Affordable Housing, Education Reform, Head Start, Job Training, Youth Opportunities and Youth Organizing, Transformative Justice, Ending Mass Incarceration, Voting Rights and Voter Engagement, Voter Registration, GOTV, Campaign Manager, Canvass Lead, Recruitment and Recruitment Coordinator, Senior and People with Disability Rights Advocacy and Organizing, Anti-Pipeline Organizing, Farmer Organizing, BIPOC and LGBTQIA Organizing, Academic Ethnography and Research for Sociology, Social Sciences, Political Science, Social Media and Digital Organizing, published MA Thesis–


Conducted hundreds to beyond thousands of in-depth 1-1s, in-depth interviews, questionnaire and participatory action, and ethnography, as well as Academic and Organizing Research, success Union Campaigns including card counts, filing, and winning elections, mobilizing voters, coordinating Canvassers, as Campaign Manager for State Senate candidates, Coordination as Staff for National Union and Community Organizing Networks, extensive Training, Consulting, Facilitation, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusivity work, Intersectional Organizing.


Get paid to do Consulting as Grass Movements (Training, Organizing, Research, and Consulting), and launch national network Felons, Addicts, and Alcoholics Organizing Network (FAAON), lead non-partisan community-based participatory action research Ethnographic project centered in Grinnell, Iowa, replicate model across country, receive funding. Make music, make art, prioritize Mental Health of the Movement, advance efforts at ending Mass Incarceration, Decarceration, ending Immigrant Detention, Re-Appropriating Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Funds back into communities, Defund Police, support BLM, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA Organizing, prioritize and amplify diverse voices, be an effective change-making Social Justice White Ally for Social, Policy, Systemic, Racial Justice, Anti-Honophobia and Transphobia, Intersectional, Local, State, and Federal, and Global-to-Local (Glocal) Change.