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I first became involved in progressive politics when I started interning for a state delegate when I was in highschool. As a teenager, I focused on assisting my state legislator with writing policy relating to the opioid epidemic that was raging across West Virginia. Together with my legislator, we focused on traveling across West Virginia to educate state constituents about the gravity of the opioid crisis, and advocated for both police and firefighters to be trained to carry and use Narcan in order to save victims of overdose.

Since that internship, I have become very familiar with the opioid epidemic on a national scale. I have worked in the White House and United States Senate to help advocate for policy and political initiatives set on helping Americans seek alternative treatment for their drug challenges, and helping government officials hold opioid distributors accountable for their negligence in over-prescribing pain medications despite the knowledge of how addictive opioids can be.


As an intern in the White House, I was able to help my office organize Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) meetings across several areas in the country that were in need of federal help. I was also able to help organize a round-table meeting with Vice President Pence to bring national stakeholders and community leaders together to discuss a targeted approach on combatting the opioid crisis.


While helping victims of opioid abuse is a big priority of mine, my other concerns are helping to move America in a more progressive direction.

As a Hispanic, I want to see more employers diversify their workspace to include more Latino people, people of color, women, and other under-represented groups. Helping to make America less homogenous should be one of this nation’s priorities if we want our nation to be more welcoming to the rest of the world, as well as move help our country rebound from the events on January, in which our capitol was attacked and occupied by racists seeking to overthrow our government.



American University


International Studies

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May 8, 2021