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Full disclosure, I started as a classical conservative in that I believed in small government with limited oversight over interactions between people and an open economy. As I continued in my career I saw the outsized negative impact conservatives had on those who were not part of the top 1% of wealth and the blockage of basic civil rights for minorities. This contradiction with my initial beliefs started me down a path of self education in which I learned more about social justice, democracy and the economics of regulation of big business. My push toward progressive politics was finalized with the election of Donald Trump.

Currently, I work in a nonpartisan environment and I manage local, state, and federal elections in my county. I am currently working on outreach opportunities for our division to build relationships with underrepresented groups who typical find it difficult to vote. This includes people of color, jailed voters, the elderly and youth.


Currently, I am working with leaders in the community to educate voters from underrepresented communities. Additionally, we are working on adjusting processes and procedures based upon feedback received from these communities.


I would like to eventually transition into working in community outreach and development of grassroots campaigns within progressive politics. I’m particularly passionate about voting rights and education.