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Creating a Legacy of Positive Change.


I’ve always been a voice for those that seemed to not. I started my official career in activism with going to a training/ meeting to help workers at Nissan in Canton in 2015. After the training I wanted to engulf myself in organizing and find ways to help more people. This led me to an apprenticeship with the AFLCIO working with MASE-CWA. Upon completion of my apprenticeship I was selected as Site Coordinator for Union Summer where I mentored, guided and facilitated trainings & activism with the interns. I wanted to see more and do more so I took a position as an organizer with AFSCME. I worked with AFSCME on numerous campaigns eventually leading campaigns for new organizing shirts in Chicago (UCAN) & New Jersey (behavioral health). I was able to play a key role in the Nevada & Louisiana state campaigns granting workers rights and access to a contract. I have worked extensive political & organizing campaigns. My heart and passion has always and will always be to ensure those without a voice are heard not by my tongue but through empowering them.


I’ve been fortunate to have worked on multiple state campaigns that have impacted workers rights. I worked