Reply To: Introduce yourself!

  • Raime Egolinsky

    January 12, 2021 at 3:39 pm

    My name is Raime She/hers. I’m in Texas trying like heck to turn Texas blue!! I started in 2015 handing out voter registration cards to strangers. Then I had the opportunity to volunteer for Beto as a pop-up shop manager, phone banking & canvassing. I’ve been looking for a way my whole life to bring equity, & inclusion to all. I found my passion in politics where I could use my privilege to amplify the voices of those underserved.

    I’m also all about saving the planet for my grandchildren. They didn’t ask us to ruin our planet, & I always leave places better than I found them, or at least I try to!

    I’m an organizer at heart but have trained & worked as an Organizing Director. I’m also willing to relocate. Nice to meet all of you!!