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    T’m Mignon, creator of The Forbidden

    Temple. I specialize in Hypnotic Shadow

    Unveiling & Integration.

    Addicts, inmates, and alcoholics often feel trapped in their circumstances, with no clear path to escape the cycle of negativity and self-destructive behaviors.

    Those struggling with addiction, incarceration, or personal demons, the path to recovery and transformation can seem like an impossible mountain to climb.

    Let me show you another way. Not climbing the mountain but a descent.

    Simply following the path of love and

    light” positive affirmations,will not heal you of your wounds.

    Putting a sparkly, fucking feel-good

    bandaid over everything negative within

    you won’t make it go away. In order to

    ascend, we must first descend. In order to be truly turned on, fulfilled, awakened healing beings, we must go on a journey into our own personal Underworlds.

    We all have demons have you met yours?

    Imagine a life where you’re free from the shackles of addiction, negativity, and empowered to make positive changes from the very first day.

    Let’s stop talking about the problem and actually go directly to the solution.

    That’s exactly what’s possible with Rx Hypnotica , My program not only holds solid proven results I have combined Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy Shadow Work and Life experience. I know what the struggle is,not only from reading a book , going to school. Actually walking the path.

    I help individuals overcome their deepest psychological and emotional barriers – and see results from day one.

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